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Wakanda 5 has arrived!


In addition to all-new interface widgets and helpful CSS themes, Wakanda 5 introduces new session management features, improved permissions management, and for those working on multiple versions of projects or with multiple developers, Git branch support. An overview of Wakanda’s features can be found on our newly redesigned Web site.


Wakanda 5 - screen


Alongside this new full version of Wakanda, we are offering all-new commercial licensing options, as well as support plans to provide assitance to all Wakanda developers, whether developing or deploying under open source or commercial licenses.

“The Wakanda platform has reached a certain level of maturity, meaning that developers are now taking their Wakanda applications to production at various scales,” says Product Director Ricardo Mello. “To respond to the needs of our developers, we’re introducing Wakanda 5 not only with the new features they expect, but also with a variety of highly adapted licensing and support options that can scale with their solutions.”

Commercial licensing options cater to developers and businesses at multiple levels: The Wakanda Development Business license affords you the ability to keep your source code private at the time of distribution (as per the AGPL v3 public license for the open source Community edition). Wakanda Development Business also provides the ability to use commercial versions of Wakanda Server, Wakanda Studio and the Wakanda Application Framework for testing purposes. Pricing is set at $129/€99 per year, per named developer.

The new Wakanda Deployment Business license allows for commercial deployment, so that you can put your solutions into production without sharing your source code.       Wakanda Deployment Business pricing is set at $259/€199 per year, per instance of Wakanda Server. Potential customers for this license should note that multiple Wakanda applications can be run from a single server.

We are also pre-announcing the imminent availability of the Wakanda Development Enterprise and Wakanda Deployment Enterprise licenses, which provide access to the platform’s forthcoming “Enterprise” features to further extend and enhance applications with connectors to various data platforms. 

Further details of Wakanda’s commercial licenses can be found at the new Wakanda store.

Full customer support comes to Wakanda

“With an active community of over 1500 developers on the Wakanda Forum, our community-based support – both free and premium – has been quite successful,” says Aziz Elghomari, Director of Services and Support. “But as our customers’ application development and scale of deployment grow, so do their support needs. We are therefore, in addition to new licensing, introducing support options to ensure that applications created with Wakanda have every advantage available.”

Development support for Wakanda is now available in three levels: Standard, Advanced, and Elite, each of which offer varying degrees of support and resources based on developer needs.

Deployment support is also offered at three levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, providing production support at various scales and availability.

All support options are available to developers who are developing and deploying with all levels of licenses, including the free open source Community edition.

Full support details, additional advantages, and pricing options are available at the Wakanda store.



Jose Flores


Could you give us a detailed explanation about "you can deploy your private solution without sharing your source code".

Do you mean that we will deploy our javascript files compiled into some form of "dll" files?.

Thank you

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