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Wakanda Studio

Overview of the main Features

Data Model Designer (doc)

Design your Data Model Visually

All actions made in the Model Designer can be executed with Javascript. So, if yout If you prefer coding instead of a visual editor, you can describe your model in pure javascript on server-side.

GUI Designer (doc)

What You design is What You Get

  • Create UI for desktop and mobile device
  • Drag'n drop widgets on the page
  • Bind data to widgets with a simple drag'n drop
  • Create local or server datasources
  • Choose one of the existing themes or create your own
  • Customize the design of your widgets
  • Fine-tune the design with CSS3
  • Re-apply a widget style to a similar widget
  • Create Web Components
  • Edit HTML code of the page
  • Code events of widgets
  • Add CSS files or javascript libraries to the page
  • Browse HTML structure with the Breadcrumb
  • infinite Undo/Redo

Code editor (doc)

Smart tools to help you coding

  • support for web standards: HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
  • Auto completion on all JS objects, widgets, datasources
  • Automatic formatting
  • Output area for code testing
  • syntax checking (with JSLint support)
  • Code outline (full or lite view)
  • Quick switch From visual Designers and Code Editor
  • Code Beautifier, Uglifier and Minifier
  • Custom and pre-defined snippets (widget, datasource)
  • Automatic insertion (closing cars, blocks)
  • "Find references" / "Goto Definition"
  • Breakpoints management
  • Bookmarks
  • Support of additional extensions

Debugger (doc)

Debugging and Testing is not a nightmare

  • Server-side JavaScript Debugging
  • Multiple thread debugging
  • Remote debugging
  • Step over, step into, step out, script abort
  • Watchers
  • Display of objects scopes
  • Error stack display
  • Function calls stack
  • Breakpoint management
  • Execution console

If you prefer the Chrome Debugger to debug your server-side javascript, please go to the web tools tab.

Directory Editor (doc)

Control the security of your app

  • Create users and groups
  • Assign users and groups to a specific group
  • Give permissions to a group
  • Thumbnails and list views

Solution Manager (doc)

Everything at your fingertips!


GIT Support (doc)

Share code, contribute to open source projects and update your remote Web App in one-click