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Wakanda in the Enterprise

Wakanda in the Enterprise
In the modern business environment your IT department needs to be secure, flexible and responsive. The Wakanda Platform sits ideally inside the enterprise as the utlimate swiss army knife.

Speedy implementation of custom applications

You are in demand to solve the challenge of the day when it comes to information. Effective development of niche, single use applications avoids rouge end user systems that fall out of compliance with security and proper procedures.

  • Replace aging systems build in Access, Filemaker and Excel. Wakanda will put this business information in a system that can be leveraged by the organization.
  • An agile response solution for custom applications will encourage business users to approach IT before implementing a “DIY” project.
  • Utilize legacy technology front ends using Wakanda Server as a backend.

Keep your information inside the business

Publishing to the cloud is a huge trend, a trend that doesn’t always work for enterprise. Wakanda Server is just as happy deployed to an intranet or on a single local machine.

  • Portable and powerful. Scale the Wakanda Server to thousands of users inside your own intranet.
  • Push changes and updates internally without effort through a browser base interface.
  • Re-use data access permissions across multiple applications based on your business needs. Our user and groups system is ideal for enterprise.

Build for the long term with a powerful stack

Wakanda is no slouch! Designed to handle the most demanding situations, you can push Wakanda to utilize the full resources of the most powerful multi processor machines.

  • Scale prototype designs into full production applications on the same platform.
  • Provide connectivity to older legacy systems through connectors and the included REST API.
  • Partner with a technology company who has over 25 years experience in the database industry.

Strong community
and worldwide support

You will never be alone when you need the help.

  • Active user community, free to participate!
  • Commercial support options available, inlcuding enterprise-level 24/7 support.