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Discover the Wakanda Complete Stack

Wakanda is a broad platform that appeals to many different types of developers. Explore our entire product line to see what parts interest you most.

Wakanda Server

Every successful web application starts with a solid Web server. Wakanda Server is a powerful, scalable HTTP server utilizing server-side JavaScript in an environment designed from the ground up for multithreaded applications. Advanced caching, multi-core performance and simple administration are all hallmarks of Wakanda Server.

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Wakanda Server

"As we dig into this environment we are getting more and more excited about starting our first project. We can see many time-saving features that will deliver great value to our clients."
Jody Bevan, CEO
Jonoke Software

Design your application

Getting your work done quickly and with outstanding quality is the key to success. Whether you are building internal applications, a prototype or the technological heart of the next big tech startup, we have the solution to help you build a solid application.

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Wakanda Studio

Build your application in a visual editor or dive into the source code. Wakanda Studio is the premiere IDE for building business-focused Web applications. With a visual model editor, code-hinting text editor, drag-and-drop widgets and much more, Wakanda Studio will become a staple of your developer productivity.

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In addition to the self-deployment features of Wakanda Server, some developers still prefer to leave hardware maintenance and monitoring to a third party expert. Compare out deployment licenses with our deployment offerings and determine what is best for your situation.

Latest News

While you are entering code in the Code Editor, a code completion box appears.

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SSO with Integrated Windows Authentication is available in Wakanda Server Windows builds

JavaScriptCore has been replaced by V8 JavaScript Engine in Wakanda Server.







Webinar: Building Web Applications with Wakanda

The software industry is full of opportunity for forward thinking, fast moving developers and business people. The Wakanda platform is a collection of technologies that will enable you to develop Web applications for desktop and mobile at an unprecedented pace. This webinar presents a wide spectrum of capabilities and use cases to help you learn how Wakanda will give you a competitive advantage.


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