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"Wakanda has a good team. They know how business applications work."
Oscar Agreda
10Geek Software

Data and code in perfect harmony

Code your model in JavaScript. Or build it visually.


Build your foundation

The model of your application is the foundation to success. Wakanda provides two distinct styles of defining your data model, through code using a JavaScript API and through a visual data modeling tool using Wakanda Studio.

Defining your data structure is the first step. You will experience the true power of the Wakanda platform when you experience the model-driven architecture. Access to permissions, server-side methods and security are all intimately tied to your model creating an incredibly strong foundation.

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Professional grade tools

Advanced visual IDE. Visual model editor. Git integration.
All with professional and community support.

Get productive, stay effective

Wakanda Studio is our flagship tool complimenting the open source Wakanda Server. Designed to address the needs of building business applications from start to finish, you can realize your fully deployed application and enjoy the efficiencies provided by an integrated IDE. Studio provides the ability to design in a visual, drag and drop type environment or by editing source code files directly.

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Latest News

While you are entering code in the Code Editor, a code completion box appears.

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SSO with Integrated Windows Authentication is available in Wakanda Server Windows builds

JavaScriptCore has been replaced by V8 JavaScript Engine in Wakanda Server.







Webinar: Building Web Applications with Wakanda

The software industry is full of opportunity for forward thinking, fast moving developers and business people. The Wakanda platform is a collection of technologies that will enable you to develop Web applications for desktop and mobile at an unprecedented pace. This webinar presents a wide spectrum of capabilities and use cases to help you learn how Wakanda will give you a competitive advantage.


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